The Co-Parenting Success Summit was made possible by our generous sponsors. Please watch the videos below and see how they can help you in your co-parenting journey.


Making Co-Parenting Easier Through Better Communication

The Co-Parenting Success Summit has partnered with TalkingParents to offer attendees a powerful tool for effective co-parenting communication.

TalkingParents is the most all-inclusive co-parenting service on the market today. With tools like Accountable Calling, Secure Messaging, Accountable Payments, and Shared Calendar, TalkingParents strives to increase family harmony through better communications and transparency. Trusted by legal professionals and courts nationwide, TalkingParents has helped over half a million parents find support and peace of mind.

By partnering with TalkingParents, the Co-Parenting Success Summit aims to provide attendees with a practical solution for one of the biggest challenges of co-parenting - communication.


Helping You Navigate Divorce With Grace And Save Money Along The Way

The Co-Parenting Success Summit has partnered with Mark Pearson Coaching to provide coaching and consulting services to individuals and families who are going through a divorce or dealing with co-parenting challenges.

As a certified divorce coach and experienced in the field of divorce and co-parenting, Mark Pearson offers a range of services that are designed to help clients navigate the challenges of co-parenting and create healthy, stable, and happy families in two homes.


Empowering Amicable Co-Parenting

The Co-Parenting Success Summit has also partnered with Our Family Wizard to offer attendees access to a comprehensive co-parenting tool.

Our Family Wizard is a web-based platform that provides co-parents with a suite of tools for managing co-parenting communication, scheduling, and information sharing. The platform includes a shared calendar, messaging center, expense tracker, and other features that are designed to make co-parenting easier and more effective.

By partnering with Our Family Wizard, the Co-Parenting Success Summit aims to provide attendees with a practical and comprehensive tool for co-parenting success.

Get Access to 25+ World Class Expert Sessions on Successful Co-Parenting Before, During and After Divorce... PLUS, Get the Co-Parenting Success PLAYBOOK as your Accompanying Guide During this Event!

Meet Your Host

"Having been in the trenches of divorce, my mission is to get you through your divorce in a healthy and efficient way so you save money!"

Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and a CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach® who specializes in helping dads and moms raise happy kids in two homes.

With his own personal experience as a divorced single-dad and shared 50/50 parenting time, Mark has dedicated

himself to helping others get through their divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible, saving time, money and headaches along the way.

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